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'The myth that women shouldn't lift heavy is only perpetuated by women who fear hard work and men who fear women.'

It's nearly been three years since I first started therapy, nearly one year since I first started training, but really only about 9 months since I 100% committed myself to recovery, to strength and to health. 9 months since I decided not to focus on the weight on the scales going down, but the weight on the bar going up. Sometimes, you need to remind yourself that a scale cannot measure character, talent, beauty, purpose, strength or love. Deadlifts are without a doubt my favourite lift and have completely transformed my body and increased my strength immensely...(constantly trying to hit that 87.5kg PB). Below, myself and Ant from ADM Fitness have collaborated shared some of the benefits of deadlifts for women: fighting the stigma of girls who lift.

When it comes to weight lifting, there is a far too common misconception amongst women that lifting weights will make them bulky. However, this is a myth with no grounding which both me and Ant would like to dispel.  It is not surprising that women shy away from heavy lifts like The Deadlift when the weights rooms in gyms are often full of groups of big 'beefed up' guys trying to lift as much weight as possible and making noises only found in the Amazon Rain Forest. But there is so much more to this exercise than trying to lift as much weight from the floor as possible, and the benefits for women are just as great as for men.

1. The deadlift is a real transferable life skill, anytime you need to pick something heavy off the floor, you Deadlift.

2. The deadlift can help you improve your posture and can help correct anterior pelvic tilt. All those years of nights out in high heels, and all those long days in work sat at a desk can lead to what you call anterior pelvic tilt: when the front of the pelvis drops and the back of the pelvis rises which increases the arch in your lower back, potentially leading to future lower back conditions.

3. The deadlift is a great exercise to increase your metabolism and incinerate fat as it uses so many different muscles. It will tone your hamstrings, thighs, glutes and back and strengthen your pelvic floor. (For those of you who have children will realise the importance of a strong pelvic floor).

4. IT WILL NOT MAKE YOU BULKY.  Instead, it will allow you to realise how strong you can be.

5. The deadlift will give you amazing abs and a strong core, it will transform your body and improve your confidence.


'With my clients, I have found that if we start with Romanian Deadlifts with a light weight, the transition to other variations is much easier. Click here to see a video of Amy performing a 70kg Romanian Deadlift. A deadlift like this at nearly140% of your bodyweight takes time to work up to and I recommend starting with a very light weight in order to develop perfect technique first before progressing to heavier weight, eventually progressing to incorporate them into your workouts once or twice a week.'

Below is a breakdown of how to perform the 'Romanian Deadlift' as shown in the video:

1.   Step up to the bar with your feet shoulder width apart, knees over toes, shoulders over knees and toes under the bar
2.     Grasp bar with an overhand grip
3.     Sit back with your arms straight and chest up and shoulders pulled back and stand up (this is the deadlift)
4.     Once tall stand with softened knees and keeping the shoulders pulled back so to maintain good posture in the back (don’t let the back round) bend forward at the hips and lower the bar to just below the knees and keep the bar as close to the body
5.     Using the glutes and hamstrings stand tall again
6.     Remember to maintain a good alignment in the spine and keep the core strong throughout
7.     Perform 6 - 10 reps for 3 sets and only increase the weight when your technique is sound and the reps are easy to perform and remember: start light and work your way up.

'We aim for progress not perfection'

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  1. It was when I started lifting heavy that my body started changing. I was the cardio queen for years, but weights shaped my body.

  2. I've never done deadlifting as I have pretty weedy arms but it's definitely something I should look into. probably wouldn't do it alone though as I wouldn't want to get the technique wrong and injure myself x

    1. you should definitely try it, i would be the same though and probably wouldnt want to do it on my own for the first time :) xx

  3. I've never tried deadlifting. It has always made me nervous, like I would make a fool of myself. Well done you.

    1. thanks lovely! aww no im sure you wouldnt xx

  4. I always work out, never tried deadlifting though, I feel inspired!!


  5. Never tried deadlifting before but you've kind of made me want to give it a go...

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