The Benefits of Green Tea with Quinteassential*

Anyone that knows me will know that I am a self confessed green tea addict. Cold green tea, hot green tea, ginger green tea.... I literally consume green tea in every possible way all day long. In the morning an ice cold glass of green tea wakes me up and gives me energy for the day, and at night time a warm cup of it helps me to relax and prepare for a nice long sleep... So when I was contacted by Quinteassential about sampling some of their loose leaf luxury tea I couldn't resist.

The creator of Quinteassential says she is passionate about flavour combinations and would love to take the tea drinker with her on an imaginary voyage. 'Bernadine Tay is a unique story teller with tea as her medium. As her creations evolve, scenes, textures and colours are amalgamated to kindle new flavours. Her signature style is defined by her love of ingredients that straddles East and West she uses in all her creations. Inevitably, this translates to an explosion of flavours that underpin many of her tea designs.'

Along with the refreshing taste of green tea, there are also many proven health benefits of drinking the recommended amount of between 1-4 cups a day:

1. Green tea helps to burn fat and increase metabolic rate
2. The chemical theanine found in green tea can help you to relax, especially if brewed in slightly cooler water
3. The cafine will help to improve physical performance
4. It can help to slow the rise of blood sugar levels after eating, helping you to stay full for longer
5. Green tea contains anti-inflammatory properties which can help to slow the signs of ageing and reduce sun damage.

All the tea leaves used in Quinteassential teas are delicately mixed with fruits, flowers and spices creating a harmonious blend. The 'Green Flamingo' flavour I sampled was the most delicious green tea ever tasted and I cannot recommend it highly enough. The beautifully packaged tea would make the perfect gift for someone this Christmas.



  1. *Currently drinking my green tea*
    Jabeen x

  2. This is interesting, I like green tea and my favourites are green tea with lemon and green tea with ginger! However I feel funny if i have them on an empty stomach so I always take them after meals. Never tried this brand before but will be having a browse through 😀

    Daisy Candle

    1. I love green tea with ginger! my absolute favourite! xxx

  3. I have a green tea every morning and I find that it helps me to be less bloated.

  4. I love green tea its so refreshing, lovely photography too xx

  5. Yum love Ginger Tea! Loose Leaf is even better too. Great post x


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