Gluten Free, Sugar Free, Raw 'Nakd' Bars

 If you are a frequent reader of my blog, or follow me on instagram, then you will already be aware of the number of allergies that I live with. Along with these, I try to limit my refined sugar intake as much as possible. However, this can really limit food options, especially when you want more of a 'treat'. Having discovered Nakd bars fairly soon after my wheat allergy diagnosis I became a woman obsessed. As nice as these raw, gluten free and refined sugar free treats are, they come with a pretty hefty price tag and the pennies soon add up if you are frequently purchasing them. Because of this, and having noticed that a number of the bars contain very few ingredients I was inspired to try and make my own, combining my two favourite flavours 'Cashew Cookie' and 'Cocoa Crunch' to make my own 'Cocoa Cookie' flavour.


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