21 Things for 21 Years

On Friday I turn 21. For some reason 21 is perceived as the beginning of 'true adulthood'. I've decided to spend a little time reflecting on how amazing my 21 years so far really have been, and picked out 21 things that I have to be grateful for in my 21 years of existance:

1. Friends who have helped me through dark times, laughed with me through amazing times, always been there and never failed to put a smile on my face.
2. Family who have unconditionally supported every decision and loved me regardless of the mistakes I've made.
3. The letters Jonny leaves on my pillow when I fall asleep before he goes home.
4. The amazing opportunities that my blog has given me, and the incredible friends I have made through it.
5. I'm grateful for the outlet that writing has provided for me. Writing letters, diary entries and prose to myself, for myself.  
6. Disposable camera photos, for reminding me to stop worrying about perfection and start concentrating on the smaller more beautiful moments in life.
7. The amazing travelling opportunities I have had; Japan, America, Dubai, Iceland, Africa just to name a few.
8. Early mornings for the peace and serenity they bring.
9. My creativity for giving me an outlet when I didn't have the confidence to express myself with words.
10. My dad and the incredibly introverted mind I inherited from him, teaching me the importance of hard work and perseverance.
11. The texts my mum sends me every night before bed telling me she loves me, and the cuddles she gives me every day.
12. I'm grateful for my health, for my ability to get out of bed every morning and experience life to its fullest potential.
13. The amazing 13 years that I got to spend with the bravest man I've ever had the pleasure of knowing. My Grandad taught me that no dream is too small.
14. The chance to live in a country where as a woman I was treated to an amazing education and equal opportunities.
15. I'm grateful for my brother who taught me that other people's opinions aren't important and it's ok to accept yourself as you are.
16. Sunsets for the reminder that when life seems dark, the light will always come back again.
17. The Northern Lights. The most spectacular phenomenon I've ever experienced, reiterating that true beauty is natural.
18. Books for being my best friend as a child.
19. Second chances. And third chances. And most importantly the people that have given me these chances to try again.
20. Having food, clothes and a warm home to come back to every night.
21. My mind, for finally learning to love myself and be my own cheerleader.



  1. Such a gorgeous post Amy! Loved reading this xx


  2. This is such a cute post :) I turn 21 in June and am so scared about being a 'proper' adult so I may do a post similar to this to help me reflect too

    Bethan | Thought from Beth x

    1. thanks lovely, i think its so important to remind ourselves of these things xx

  3. lovely post, I love your morals! Really interesting comment about disposable cameras, I think a lot of people spend too much time on trying to get the perfect photo of everyone smiling but i LOVE the unexpected and imperfect photos you can receive from a quick snap! xx

    1. aw thank you! I completely agree, i love capturing the natural moments rather than standing posed xx

  4. Fab post honey, being grateful for even the simplest things in life is so important as the more grateful you are for what you have, the more positive experiences you will receive in return. It's something I'm trying to live my life by now and in the last month of doing so I've noticed so many positive changes and things starting to fall into place.
    I hope that you have an incredible 21st filled with all the love and happiness in the world - you deserve it <3

    LJLV | UK Personal Style

    1. thank you lovely!! such a nice comment xxx

  5. What a very lovely post. I think it is always good to stop and reflect about what we value in our lives and how people and important events have helped to make us into who we are.
    I hope you have a very happy birthday.
    All the best.
    Kelly glen.

    1. i couldnt agree more, thank you lovely xx

  6. This is such a sweet, thoughtful post. Happy Birthday, I hope you continue being blessed.

  7. so sweet, thoughtful and mature! 21 is filled with symbolism, but it's how you live, appreciate and celebrate every single day and every single year that makes the difference. hope you have a wonderful birthday! xo

  8. Lovely post, it's nice to reflect and be thankful. I need to do this more often. I enjoyed reading this Amy xx


  9. Amazing blog post Amy !
    Happy birthday and wish all the best :)

    Yousra xx


  10. Happy birthday for tomorrow! I love this post, it's made me feel all nice and positive :) x


  11. This is such a lovely post. I hope you have an amazing birthday!

    Be sure to check out my polaroid camera giveaway!

  12. very honest 21 reasons to be lucky amy! especially friends and family are so important in life <3
    xx Belle | www.thewearabelle.com

  13. Happy belated birthday! :) I think this was a lovely reflection, definitely makes me wonder what I'm grateful for x



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