A Week of Instagram #13

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Starting from top left:
1. Beautiful 4 year anniversary flowers from my boyfriend
2. A picture previewing my last blog post
3. Being pampered on the Boohoo bus
4. Photographing some ootd's in Manchester
5. Another ootd post in the glorious sunshine
6. A cute little revision motivation present from my mummy
7. Our gorgeous food in the cutest cafe in Llandudno
8. Beautiful little pastel houses in Wales
9. Me and my boyfriend celebrating our anniversary in Llandudno

What gorgeous weather we have had this week (she says whilst it's currently raining, but hey, we knew it wouldn't last forever!) It's been another very busy week for me, and I am currently in absolute panic mode as I have an exam tomorrow that I am completely dreading! I have always been one of those people who completely over thinks everything and I always play out the worst possible scenario in my head, so right now I'm trying to distract my mind in anyway possible to avoid completely stressing myself out.

I did have a few lovely things to look forward to this week amongst all the last minute revision stress, as it was my four year anniversary, so me and my boyfriend went on a day trip to Llandudno! The weather was gorgeous and it was just so peaceful sitting eating ice cream on the pier in the sun without having to worry about exams or coursework for a few hours. My mum and me have always been incredibly close, and she knows what a stresser I am, so it was lovely to return home to a gorgeous ted baker pen set as a little motivational present. I just have to keep reminding myself that in two weeks exams will be over and summer will be upon us and I cannot wait!!

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  1. Ooh I love Llandudno, looks like you've had a lovely week :) x


    1. its such a pretty little town isnt it! xx

  2. Lovely post! Congratulations on your four year anniversary and good luck for tomorrow's exams! So lovely of your mum to buy the pen set, I'm going to keep that in my mind for my own daughter!
    You take really lovely instagram images x

    (thanks for stopping by my blog earlier)

    Tinuke aka circusmum


    1. aww thankyou lovely!! yes, the gift from my mum was such a thoughtful idea im sure your daughter would appreciate the same! youre more than welcome, thankyou for your lovely comment xxx

  3. I LOVE those nail tattoos! Such a cute idea xx

    Katy | www.littlemisskaty.co.uk

  4. Nice pics. You're so pretty!
    Thanks a lot for you comment on my blog:-)

    Let's follow each other on bloglovin'?
    Xoxo Nadine -myclassicwardrobe.com

  5. Aw what a lovely post :) Looks like you had a great week!

  6. Just followed your instagram:) Congratulations on your anniversary! And don't stress your exams, I'm sure you'll do fine. Just keep a positive attitude!

  7. I love all your photos, I really must sign up to instagram asap. Congrats on your anniversary and best of luck with the exams!!! x

    1. aw thankyou! the first one went quite well so that's a relief! xxx

  8. My exams are so soon too, cannot wait until the 16th when I'm free for summer! Glad you still enjoyed you're weekend though! Good luck with all your exams! x


  9. i'm in love with this! great post x

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (http://missbeatrix.com)

  10. great post, and lovely photos! :)


  11. those houses are cute, congrats on your anniversary http://thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/life-on-carousel.html

    1. i know theyre gorgeous arent they! thanks lovely xx

  12. I love weekly picture posts, I've seen so many of them. It's great to see what people have been up to!


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