Topshop Lipliner in Ceramic

Today is all about new beginnings- I have never bought or used a lip liner before, and I have never purchased a Topshop makeup item before. I was sceptical to say the least.

I'm not ashamed to admit that I would class myself as a makeup snob. If a product is cheap, or isn't from a brand that I have tried, tested and approved, then I will most probably turn my nose up at it. To me, makeup has always been something that you shouldn't compromise on (who wants to layer a cheap product all over their face and end up looking worse than they did in the first place?) It is for this reason that I wouldn't have dreamed of buying makeup from a little known brand, or even worse; a high street clothing retailer. However I've read so much recently on the quality of Topshop's makeup products, that I decided that the only way that I could truly see for myself if these reviewers were giving an honest opinion was to swallow my words and purchase an item for myself.

I have been looking for a pale, subtle lip liner for a while now after being left fed up by lipsticks bleeding and smudging. After trawling the countless makeup counters in boots, I finally swallowed my words and purchased this Topshop lip liner in ceramic, and I have to admit I am more than pleasantly surprised! The colour is subtle and complimentary whilst the liner itself leaves a neat matt finish, edging the lips softly and beautifully. At first, due to the matt nature of the liner, I was concerned it would leave my lips feeling dry and malnourished, an absolute pet peeve of mine, but to my surprise it did the opposite and left my lips feeling plump and moisturised!

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  1. I've never tried Topshop makeup or lip liner either, i usually just stick to the usual brands and never stray. Though i've been seeing a lot of Topshop makeup reviews lately so they must be good!

    Love Emma xx


    1. I usually do the same but theres so many reviews flying around I had to give it a go! xxx

  2. i've been meaning to try something from topshop's makeup line...i hear good things about it. i might pick up a lipstick or a blush from them.


    1. i bought a blush today as well, so check back for a review over the next few days and ill tell you what i think! xx


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